Learning PLUS

Welcome to Learning PLUS.  We work with over 3,000 students each year.

What We Do

We fulfill the goals of the National Association for Developmental Education: "Help the underprepared [student] to prepare, the prepared student to advance, and the advanced to excel!"

How We Do It

We offer five, free tutoring services: PLUS Tutoring for help learning the content and materials of specific courses, a Writing Center, Success Skills tutoring, and a Supplemental Instruction (SI) program that offers group tutoring/review sessions in selected, historically difficult courses.  LAP also offers developmental courses in mathematics, reading, and writing.

Why We Do It

Our goal is to increase the quality and quantity of learning that occurs at NKU.

How To Contact Us

Our offices are located in University Center 170. Our phone number is (859) 572-5475. Our e-mail address is laplearn@nku.edu.