Make an Appointment with a Tutor

Northern Kentucky University TutorTrac gives students 24/7 scheduling access to NKU tutoring services. For Academic Tutoring, NKU TutorTrac also identifies contact information (tutor e-mail addresses and telephone numbers) so you can arrange an appointment time/date not on the NKU TutorTrac schedule but more convenient for you.
To make an appointment: 

If you are not familiar with NKU TutorTrac, below are step-by-step directions on how to make an appointment. You might want to print them!

  1. Go to NKU TutorTrac.
  2. Login Name = NKU Username; Password = NKU Password.
  3. Click Search Availability on the left.
  4. Select a Center (Academic, Math, Writing, Success Skills, etc).
  5. Select a Course Section (ex: UNV101 001 2011010).
  6. Click Search.
  7. Click on the desired Available Time Range.
  8. Select 25-minute or 55-minute appointment duration. (Default Appointment Duration is 25 minutes. Use dropdown menu to select an appointment of 55 minutes.)
  9. Click Save.

To delete a saved appointment, click on the X after the appointment on the Main Menu. [Cancellations less than one hour before the appointment time are NOT accepted.]

To view the Principles Governing the Tutor/Student Relationship, click here.





Chelsea Smith

"I absolutely LOVE my tutor Martha Staab.  She is definitely a great help and I'm so thankful to her as a tutor.  What makes it even better is that we both are nursing majors so she is very encouraging and helps me stay positive through the hard lessons."

  • Chelsea Smith