Information for Faculty

  • The primary purpose of tutoring is to improve students’ learning skills and strategies and to improve their understanding of course content, not necessarily to improve the students’ course grades. Tutors are not responsible for the quality of work students submit to faculty members nor for the grades students receive on their assignments.
  • Tutors in all LAP tutoring centers will help students with any assignment (homework, quiz, test, exam, etc.) UNLESS the assignment, as written by the instructor, explicitly states that the student may NOT receive help on the assignment.
  • Students may schedule two 55-minute appointments per week per course, but no more than one per day. Drop-in tutoring in the Math Center is not included in the limitation. Additional time in any Center may be granted by the Center’s Coordinator.
  • If faculty wish to require tutoring or give bonus points for tutoring, it is best if the faculty member first consult with the appropriate coordinator.
  • Faculty are encouraged to recommend tutoring to ALL students, because all students can benefit from the service. (Recommending tutoring only to struggling students may actually discourage the struggling student, and others, from taking advantage of tutoring.)
  • Each week faculty are sent an email that identifies the students in their classes who were tutored in the Math Center, in the Writing Center, or by an Academic Tutor.
  • How to Make NetTutor Available to Students in Blackboard: For the less than two-minute video, click here.


[To recommend a student as a tutor for courses you teach or courses in your discipline, please complete the Faculty Recommendation Form.]